Concentrates 101: Types of Concentrates & How They Are Made

Cannabis Concentrates in Vermont

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Cannabis concentrates are often a preferable way to enjoy the cannabinoids and terpenes in cannabis. However, customers only ever exposed to flower can find the diverse world of cannabis concentrates a little confusing. Somewhere on the Mountain is proud to produce some of our own concentrates, but we’re also just as proud to share guidance about these fascinating and potent extracts.

What exactly are cannabis concentrates, anyway? And how are concentrates made? We’ve pulled together an overview of the different types of cannabis concentrates you may find on dispensary menus below.

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What Exactly Are Cannabis Concentrates?

In the most basic terms, cannabis concentrates are highly potent cannabis extracts. These extracts are created in a multitude of ways, some by natural methods, some using solvents, and some using methods that rely on heat, ice, or pressure. Cannabis concentrates can contain THC levels that range anywhere from 40 to 90 percent or more. As of now, however, the state of Vermont says THC concentrates can contain no more than 60% THC.

Types of Cannabis Concentrates and How They’re Made

1. Hash Rosin

Hash rosin is often thought of as one of the most natural, premium cannabis concentrates. Crafted through a solventless extraction method, hash rosin involves pressing trichome-rich hash from the plant into a potent, terpene-packed concentrate. The pressure pushes the cannabinoid-containing oils from the plant matter, and then a secondary step purifies the rosin into a thick, flavorful, potent extract.

Hash rosin tends to toe-the-line in terms of legally allowed potency limits in VT. For example, Somewhere on the Mountain’s Rainbow Beltz Hash Rosin last tested at just over 56% THC.

2. Hash

Hash is like the true OG of cannabis concentrates. Traditional hash, originating from ancient times, was created by compressing resinous trichomes into hash bricks or pieces. The hash was usually handmade and highly valuable. Today, hash is celebrated for its potency and rich cultural history, but it is also preferred due to its more organic state.

3. Resin

Resin is a more fluid type of concentrate that is oftentimes the consistency of a rich and thick oil. Unlike hash and not to be confused with rosin, resin is made using a solvent-based extraction process.

4. Shatter

Cannabis shatter is a highly potent cannabis concentrate that is usually only found in states where limitations on concentrate potencies are not in place. Shatter is a rigid, amber, or gold-toned concentrate made using a combination of solvents and heat.

5. Sugar

Sugar is a crumbly, sticky cannabis concentrate that often has a sparkly, crystalline structure. While different types of sugar from various processors can be made in unique ways, a lot of it is crystallized cannabinoids made using solvent extraction and terpenes.

6. Budder, Wax, or Crumble

Wax is made using butane to separate the trichomes from the plant to create BHO (butane hash oil). The BHO is then processed with heat and pressure to produce a more waxy consistency. Budder and crumble are essentially wax but with a slightly different consistency. For example, bidder may be whipped to introduce more air, so it often has a lighter, fluffier consistency.

7. Sauce

Sauce, which is often referred to as “terp sauce,” is a less potent cannabis concentrate that usually has a more fluid consistency than something like budder, resin, or rosin. This sauce can have exceptionally high terpene levels, which makes it a go-to for people looking for a more aromatic or flavorful experience when dabbing.

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