Weed, Earth Day & Sustainability: Why Sustainable Cannabis Products Matter

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Earth Day is on Monday, April 22 this year, and we’re excited to talk about how our farming practices are giving back to the Earth, as well as providing you with all of the natural cannabis goodness you need to celebrate Earth Day.

At Somewhere on the Mountain, we’re proud to practice farming that’s great for our customers—and great for the planet. We believe in the power of cannabis, and we believe that it’s our responsibility to take care of the Earth as we farm and enjoy all that cannabis has to offer. Our practices don’t just benefit you by allowing us to deliver the purest form of cannabis possible—our farming methods also allow us to give back to the Earth, one day at a time.

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Sustainable Weed Farm

Cannabis gives us so much, from treating health issues to providing a heightened sense of consciousness. It’s important that cannabis farming practices respect and protect the Earth in a way that allows us to show gratitude for the benefits of weed.

Cannabis can be a demanding plant, requiring intense watering and energy resources. The process of growing cannabis can also deplete soil of its nutrients, making it harder for future plants to grow from the same soil. This means that cannabis farmers need to carefully consider how their methods impact the Earth while making every effort to move toward sustainability.

What Are Some Benefits of Using a Sustainable Agriculture System?

There are many benefits to growing cannabis using sustainable farming practices, including:

  • Lowered impact on climate change
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Higher-quality cannabis products with fewer additives
  • Decreased negative impact on neighboring farms

Celebrating Earth Day

You love all that cannabis does for your life, and Earth Day is the perfect time to celebrate. You might want to think about changing up your cannabis routine, enjoying weed in the great outdoors if you normally chill out at home. Earth Day is a great reason to get together with fellow cannabis enthusiasts to share your favorite products and talk about the ways weed has improved your lives.

Somewhere on the Mountain: Here to Meet All Your Cannabis Needs

At Somewhere on the Mountain, we believe in respecting and caring for our planet in all that we do, and we’re so glad that we can celebrate Earth day and sustainability by offering products that are grown with respect for the planet. When you choose Somewhere on the Mountain, you know that you’re getting vetted, industry-best products that allow you to harness the power of cannabis.

We offer a wide variety of cannabis products in our dispensary, including flower, concentrates, edibles, pre-rolls, vape cartridges, topicals, CBD products, tinctures, and more. We’d love to talk with you about which of our products would be the best fit for creating your ideal cannabis experience. Take your time chatting with us while you browse our dispensary, or take a look at what we have to offer and order online. We’re excited about getting to know you and helping you celebrate Earth Day.

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