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CBN Products in Vermont

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Have you tried CBN products in Vermont? This cannabinoid is actually a byproduct that occurs when THC degrades, but even with less intoxicating effects, CBN can be a valuable cannabinoid. Take a closer look at CBN, what CBN may be good for, and what CBN products in VT to watch for at the dispensary.

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What Is CBN?

CBN (cannabinol) is a minor cannabinoid found in cannabis. This cannabinoid is unique because it occurs when THC is exposed to oxidation. In other words, when THC ages, it becomes CBN, which is why you may find outdated or improperly stored weed to be less potent. While cannabinol is not as intoxicating, the compound still has biological effects, which may prove important when it comes to wellness support.

What Are the Effects of CBN?

CBN is not as intoxicating as THC; some studies suggest the cannabinoid is only about one-fourth the potency of THC. Therefore, you may not feel a great deal of euphoria or experience inebriation with only a small dose of CBN, especially if you are accustomed to the effects of THC. Instead, CBN tends to induce a calm, relaxed state that supports good sleep.

What is CBN good for? While researchers have known about CBN for even longer than THC, surprisingly, the cannabis compound is not exceptionally well-studied. Nevertheless, by evaluating the available studies on animals and humans along with the cannabinoid’s properties, it is easy to conclude that CBN may be good for:

Look for These CBN Products in Vermont

1. Somewhere on the Mountain Hash Rosin CBN Gummies

Our very own brand, Somewhere on the Mountain Gummies, is known as some of the best edibles in Vermont. And we’re pleased to add a new CBN gummy to our collection. Just like our other gummies, our CBN gummies are made with premium cannabis extracts and flavors modeled after cannabis terpenes like Lemonade, Blueberry, and Lemonade.

Somewhere on the Mountain Hash Rosin Gummies

2. Moksha Sleep Nectar Tincture with THC and CBN

If you prefer to try CBN in tincture form, look for Moksha Sleep Nectar Tincture with THC and CBN. One bottle of tincture contains 500mg of THC and CBN, so each dose offers an even ratio of both cannabinoids. A lot of people like tinctures with THC and CBN for sleep support or physical discomfort.

3. Upstate Elevator Supply Co. Turn Down Capsules with THC and CBN

Upstate Elevator Supply Co. Turn Down Capsules with THC and CBN contain 5mg of THC and THC per capsule. This no-fuss CBN product works well for those who prefer to simply swallow a capsule to get their dose of cannabinoids. Much like other edibles, Turn Down capsules can take up to an hour to kick in. So, be sure to plan accordingly to feel the effects before bedtime.

Shop for the Best CBN Products in VT at Somewhere on the Mountain

When it comes to exploring minor cannabinoids like CBN, finding the best products in VT is undoubtedly important. At Somewhere on the Mountain, we strive to provide only the top-quality cannabis products in the state, including our in-house hash rosin CBN gummies. Explore our menu to see our full collection.

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