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If you prefer to only consume a small amount of cannabis to achieve satisfactory effects, cannabis concentrates are easily one of the best choices. While Vermont does have potency caps on cannabis extracts and concentrates, you can still purchase certain concentrates. How do you find the best concentrates in VT?

Somewhere on the Mountain produces its own in-house extracts, and there are a handful of other good brands in the state. Take a look at some details about concentrates, as well as some of the best concentrates in Vermont.

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Are Cannabis Concentrates Legal in Vermont?

Cannabis concentrates and extracts are legal in the state of Vermont as long as they do not exceed a 60 percent THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) threshold. Customers are allowed to purchase up to 14g of cannabis concentrates per day, which the state considers to be the equivalent of 1 ounce of flower.

What Kind of Concentrates Are Available in VT?

Due to the potency cap in place in VT, the availability of cannabis concentrates can be a bit different from what you may see in other cannabis-legal states. Some cannabis concentrates have exceptionally high THC potency. Therefore, they are not legal to sell or possess. Nevertheless, you can still find a nice collection of concentrates, including types of hash rosin, resin, and wax.

A Look at the Best Concentrates in Vermont

1. GMO Gelato Hash Rosin from Somewhere on the Mountain

  • Type: Hybrid
  • Top flavor/aromatics: Herbs and earth

GMO Gelato Hash Rosin is one of the most requested concentrates on the menu. Extracted from two of the most beloved cannabis strains—GMO and Gelato—this concentrate has a robust flavor profile, exceptional aromatics, and an even balance of effects. The rosin has hints of herbal earth and garlic with a tad of creamy butter in terms of flavor. Most people say that this hash rosin leaves them feeling emotionally and physically relaxed, while also being mentally uplifting and excellent for soothing stress.

2. Dry Sift Hash from Green Mountain Synergy

  • Type: Hybrid
  • Top flavor/aromatics: Spicy earth and pine

Dry Sift Hash is one of the most traditional types of cannabis concentrates. This Dry Sift Hash from Green Mountain Synergy is rich in terpenes and cannabinoids, which means it is flavorful and aromatic, while also providing an excellent collection of effects. Dry sift hash is a popular choice for upping the potency level of flower because it can easily be mingled with ground cannabis in a joint or bowl.

3. MC Haze Hash Rosin from Somewhere on the Mountain

  • Type: Indica
  • Top flavor/aromatics: Tobacco, spice, and earth

MC Haze Hash Rosin is one of those classic strains that is so easy to appreciate due to its effects and flavor. The MC Haze Hash Rosin from Somewhere on the Mountain boasts the same lovable attributes with its smoky tobacco flavor and a hint of spice that lingers on the tongue. This Indica concentrate is known to be slightly more mentally energetic than expected, which leaves you in a highly focused state and possibly even feeling a little creative and philosophical.

4. Sour D Runtz Hash Rosin from Somewhere on the Mountain

  • Type: Indica
  • Top flavor/aromatics: Tart citrus and sweetness

With an incredibly intense collection of flavors, Sour D Runtz Hash Rosin is one of the best concentrates in VT if you like a highly flavorful option. This concentrate has a telltale tartness from the Sour D mingled with a light sweetness that makes for an interesting flavor. As an Indica-dominant concentrate, this hash rosin works well for helping the body get relaxed even in the face of physical pain. Plus, the collaboration of the Sour D and Runtz strain delivers an eclectic collection of effects ranging from focused and happy to sociable and sleepy.

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Whether you’re on a search for some of the best concentrates in VT, premium cannabis flower, vape carts, or edibles, we’ve got a fully stocked inventory of the best products at Somewhere on the Mountain. We not only produce our own in-house products, we also partner with other top brands to provide an awesome selection. Take a look at our full menu to explore our collection or stop in for a visit.

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