What Are Hash Rosin Gummies?

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On a mission to find the highest-quality cannabis gummies in Vermont? Without a doubt, you’ll come across a plethora of awesome choices from some of the top brands. However, you may notice during your search that cannabis gummies are made with different types of extracts from the flower. One type of extract is hash rosin, which yields hash rosin gummies. So, what are hash rosin gummies, and why are they worth including in your shortlist of the best edibles? Find out all the details below.

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Hash Rosin

What Are Hash Rosin Gummies?

Hash rosin gummies are cannabis edibles made with hash rosin extracts instead of the usual cannabis extracts. While all products can vary, the most common forms of cannabis gummies contain either a cannabis distillate or solvent-derived oil taken from the plant. Hash rosin gummies, however, contain a more natural cannabis extract that enhances the flavor of the gummy and provides the full spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids from the plant.

What’s the Difference Between Hash Rosin and Live Rosin?

With such similar names, it can be easy to get hash rosin and live resin confused. However, the two different types of cannabis concentrates are actually quite different. Live rosin is extracted from freshly harvested cannabis flower before the flower is ever cured. This form of rosin is often considered a premium form of extract because it is created using natural processes like pressure to push the rosin from the flower. Live rosin is commonly used to make live rosin gummies.

By contrast, hash rosin is made from the hash taken from cured flower. Hash is one of the oldest, most natural forms of concentrated cannabis made up of the trichomes of the plant. Hash rosin is made by pressing the hash to extract the rosin. The end result is an exceptionally flavorful and terpene-rich oil that works perfectly for full-spectrum hash rosin gummies.

A Closer Look at Somewhere on the Mountain Hash Rosin Gummies

Somewhere on the Mountain takes pride in creating our own in-house hash rosin from some of the most desirable cannabis strains that we grow ourselves right here in VT. While we do offer hash rosin in concentrate form, we also use our in-house hash rosin in our premium Somewhere on the Mountain Hash Rosin Gummy collection.

Our hash rosin gummies provide a consistent dose of cannabinoids and terpenes taken directly from the plant. Therefore, they tend to lead to a more balanced set of effects than gummies made with an isolated form of THC. For example, the lab results from our blackberry gummies show concentrations of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBC (cannabichromene), and CBG (cannabigerol).

A few picks you’ll find on the Somewhere on the Mountain menu include:

Hash Rosin Gummies FAQs

Which is better: hash rosin or live rosin gummies?

The answer can depend somewhat on your personal preferences. Live rosin tends to have a “greener” flavor note than hash rosin. Therefore, some people prefer gummies made with hash rosin over live rosin. In terms of potency, live and hash rosin can have similar potency levels, generally around 50 to 75 percent THC.

What other brands make hash rosin gummies in VT?

Only a few other cannabis processors actually make hash rosin gummies in VT. One brand that does offer these gummies that we have on our menu is Mad River Terps. Mad River Terps is a respected cannabis brand and their gummies come in yummy flavors like Orange Cream.

How do you find the best hash rosin gummies?

The key to finding the best hash rosin gummies is to take a look at the ingredients and the lab tests if the brand makes those test results available. Make sure you see more cannabinoids beyond THC, as this is indicative that a trust hash rosin was used in the formula.

Hash Rosin Gummies

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At Somewhere on the Mountain, we strive to build the best collection of cannabis edibles in Vermont. Not only do we offer our own in-house edibles, but we also include picks from other top brands in the state. Each product included is fully vetted by our team of cannabis enthusiasts to make sure it is built to provide the best experience to our customers. If you’re looking to try hash rosin gummies or other top-shelf edibles, be sure to take a look at our full menu.

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