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Planning to grow your own smoke and looking for a cannabis grow store near me? Now that Vermonters have the option of growing their cannabis plants at home, many people are sourcing seeds of their favorite strains and setting up small grow-ops.

We’ve been growing cannabis for a while at Somewhere on the Mountain, but we’re not just the place to find some of the best weed in the state. We have a cannabis grow store where you can get all your needed supplies for a successful grow and harvest. Take a look at what you can find at our cannabis grow store in Rutland, VT, and why you may want to stop in for a visit.

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Is Growing Your Own Weed Legal in Vermont?

Thankfully, adults in Vermont are allowed to grow cannabis at home for personal consumption. The state law says that you are allowed to have four immature and two immature plants at any given time per household. Keep in mind, this law is the same no matter how many adults live at the same address. Other important rules to remember when you decide to grow your own cannabis in VT include:

  • Weed grown and harvested at home does not count toward the usual one-ounce possession limit as long as your cannabis is safely stored at home
  • Any cannabis growing on the property must be protected from unauthorized access by the public or minors
  • Cannabis grown at home must not be in public view
  • You must either be the owner of the property or have written consent to grow cannabis on the property

What to Look for at Our Cannabis Grow Store

When you scout out a “weed grow store near me,” finding a one-stop shop for everything you need throughout the grow is invaluable. At our weed grow store in Rutland, we strive to make sure customers have access to every supply they can need from the time they sprout their seeds until they move into harvest and curing. Take a look at the weed grow supplies you can find at Somewhere on the Mountain’s cannabis grow store.

Nourishing Growth Mediums

Give your seedlings or clones the best start possible with nourishing growth mediums specifically mixed to give growing cannabis plants what they need. Our weed grow store has a collection of soil mixtures and growing mediums to get the plants off to the best start possible.

Grow Lights and Light Systems

Using the right light sources and lighting timers is vital if you are doing an indoor grow. Our grow store has a collection of lighting supplies suitable to make sure your plants get exactly what they need.

Organic Plant Nutrients

Cannabis plants can be hearty, and they don’t require a lot during their growth process. However, offering organic nutrients during certain phases can encourage cannabinoid and terpene production. Stop in and see what we have to recommend if your plants are looking less than perfect.

Harvesting and Curing Supplies

When it comes time to harvest, having certain supplies on hand will make your life easier and help ensure the final steps are carried out correctly. Drying racks, storage and curing containers, and other supplies to support the process are available.

How to Grow Cannabis and Achieve a Successful Harvest

Growing cannabis is sometimes stated to be a mix of passion and science, and in a lot of ways, we agree. If you have a passion for high-quality cannabis, there is nothing more rewarding than achieving a successful yield. Therefore, you will put a lot of heart and effort into making sure your plant thrives. However, science does come into play, as a cannabis plant must have certain elements to produce the beautiful buds that we all love.

Be sure to take a look at the overview of how to grow cannabis on our blog. And, don’t forget, we’re always happy to offer insight to new growers who need advice when they stop in for weed grow supplies.

Find All Your Must-Have Weed Grow Supplies in Rutland, VT

Somewhere on the Mountain is your one-stop shop for premium, on-site-grown cannabis. However, we are excited to help others master their home grows with all the weed supplies they need. Stop by and check out our menu and see what our weed grow store has to offer.

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