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Are you ready for all the 4/20 deals in Vermont? We’re going to have some of the best 4/20 deals at Somewhere on the Mountain. But first, what does 420 mean, and what kind of deals should you expect? Find out below.

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First, what is 420? A Brief History Lesson

Despite its association with cannabis culture, the origins of the term 420 are somewhat murky. Some people claim that it’s a police code for marijuana smoking in progress, while others say it’s a reference to the number of chemical compounds found in cannabis. However, these theories have been debunked, and the truest origin of the term seems to remain tied to a group of friends in California who were simply meeting up every day to smoke weed at 4:20 pm.

While the 420 origins may be questionable, one thing is certain: the 420 meaning today is something major. Every April 20th, cannabis enthusiasts around the planet celebrate the beloved plant with everything from 4/20 events and festivals to small gatherings.

Check Out Our 4/20 Dispensary Deals in Rutland, VT

While we always have good dispensary deals at Somewhere on the Mountain, our 4/20 deals lineup is slated to be one for the books! You can expect to find insanely good prices on:

  • The best craft flower in VT
  • The finest cannabis concentrates
  • Cannabis-infused edibles and drinks
  • The top pre-rolls in all the best strains
  • Cannabis wellness products
  • Cannabis vape pens and vape carts

Need Ideas for Celebrating 4/20?

Looking for something fun to do to commemorate 4/20 this year? There are tons of fun ways to make the day special, big and small, such as:

  • Host a Movie Marathon: Gather some friends and watch your favorite stoner comedies or documentaries about cannabis.
  • Try a New Strain: If you’re a regular cannabis user, 4/20 could be the perfect time to try a new strain or product.
  • Educate Yourself: Learn more about the history of cannabis, its uses, and the ongoing fight for legalization.
  • Attend a 4/20 Event: Many cities host events like concerts and festivals on 4/20.
  • Host a 4/20 Show and Share Party: Invite friends over for a visit and have them bring their fave strains/products to share.
  • Make DIY Cannabis Edibles: Try making a batch of brownies or an infused cannabis dish.

Shop for the Best 4/20 Dispensary Deals at Somewhere on the Mountain

If you’re making a list of all the 4/20 sales in the area to make sure you get all your favorite products, don’t forget to consider Somewhere on the Mountain. Our Rutland, VT dispensary will be fully stocked, and we have a ton of good 4/20 deals in the works. Be sure to stop in or keep an eye on the menu for the latest details.

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