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Our cannabis chocolate is not your average edible.

We have teamed up with a local chocolate producer to bring you our favorite edible yet!! These magical bars are infused with live rosin concentrate using state of the art solvent-less extraction methods on fresh frozen live plant material. This is a very different product and process that most companies are using and one of the reasons our edibles are so effective!

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What Makes our Chocolate Edibles Different?

When growing the cannabis plant there are many variables and ways to grow it. Genetics, soil, environment, and many other variables all have an effect on the quality of the cannabis plant. We only use organic inputs and choose varieties that are extremely rich in both cannabinoid and terpene content. These are the components that give cannabis its robust smell and effects.

When drying cannabis you lose a lot of these volatile terpenes. This is why a live growing cannabis plants always smell stronger than dried cannabis. By harvesting our material and freezing it right away we preserve the true essence of the plant and all its therapeutic value.

Many consumers don’t realize that there is a difference between one form of concentrate and another. This is why 5mg of one product can affect you so differently than 5mg of another product. By making a full spectrum product that contains all of the medicinal qualities of the plant, you do get an edible that has a cannabis flavor to it. This is a good thing if you are looking for maximum benefit and effects.

Distillate, isolate, and other forms of concentrate have been stripped of the terpenes that are responsible for the cannabis smell and taste. By removing these terpenes you do get an edible free of cannabis flavor, but you will also notice mg per mg these edibles won’t be as effective.

Find Our Hash Rosin Chocolates at Somewhere on the Mountain

We understand many people do not want cannabis flavor in the edible which is why we offer distillate options in our store. But if you are looking for the maximum effects from your edibles, having a little cannabis is a good thing!

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