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While most of New England’s states restrict cannabis cultivation to indoors only, Vermont has been a bit more lenient. In VT, cannabis cultivators are allowed to grow cannabis indoors or out.

Thankfully, the Green Mountain State even allows individuals over 21 to have their own mini grows indoors or outside (2 mature and four immature plants per household). Therefore, there is a lot of discussion about indoor vs outdoor weed in VT, probably even more so than in neighboring states. Questions pop up all the time about both growing and harvesting indoor vs outdoor weed. Take a closer look at some of the common questions below.

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Is there a difference in indoor vs outdoor weed potency?

It is not a hard-and-fast rule, but there can be. Indoor weed tends to be more potent. Controlled environments allow growers to optimize light, nutrients, and temperature, which may maximize THC production with some strains. Nevertheless, outdoor weed potency can vary depending on the environment and attention given to the plants. However, outdoor weed may also offer a richer flavor profile due to natural elements.

Are there indoor vs outdoor weed strains?

Not exactly. Strains themselves aren’t inherently indoor or outdoor, genetically speaking. After all, all cannabis strains initially started as outdoor plants. However, some strains thrive better in controlled environments (indoor) due to their growth patterns, while others can handle the seasonal changes of outdoor cultivation. Further, some strains grow larger and taller, especially those with Sativa instead of Indica lineage. Therefore, it can be harder to make space for the plants indoors.

Do outdoor cannabis nutrients matter as much as with an indoor grow?

They definitely can, although the management of nutrients can look different with indoor vs outdoor weed. Generally speaking, cannabis grown outdoors does not require as much nutrient intervention because the plants can collect what they need from the surrounding ground. However, not all growing soil outdoors is as nutrient-rich as it needs to be for thriving plants, so some interventional nutrients may be required. So, while outdoor cannabis doesn’t require the same meticulous nutrient management as indoors, it’s still important to provide the right nutrients for optimal growth and yield.

What is the best soil for indoor cannabis?

A well-draining potting soil mix complete with vermiculite or perlite is a popular choice for indoor cannabis growing. The main goal is to choose a soil that allows for aeration but still delivers consistent nutrients. Therefore, more organic, nutrient-rich soils are the better choice.

When to harvest outdoor cannabis vs indoor cannabis?

Outdoor harvest windows are determined by the weather and natural elements. For example, you definitely want to make sure your buds are harvested well before the first frost of fall hits, so the delicate buds are not damaged by the cold temperatures. However, you still look for the same signs that your cannabis buds are ready for harvest:

  • Leaf color: Sugar leaves surrounding the buds may start to yellow and wither as the plant diverts energy towards bud production.
  • Pistil color: These initially white, hair-like wisps protruding from the flowers change color (orange, brown, or red) and curl inwards as the plant nears harvest.
  • Trichome color: These tiny, hair-like glands on the buds turn from clear to cloudy/milky to indicate peak potency and prime harvest time.

What do you need to set up an indoor cannabis grow system?

Growing indoor cannabis requires creating a controlled environment to mimic the ideal growing conditions. The beauty of growing cannabis indoors is you are in direct control of creating a perfect environment, and all you need are the right weed-growing supplies to make that happen. While this list is not exhaustive, some things you will need for your indoor growing system include:

  • Grow Space: This can be a tent, closet, or spare room. It should be light-proof and ventilated.
  • Grow Lights: Provide essential light for plant growth. LED lights are popular for their efficiency.
  • Ventilation System or Fans: Exhaust fans and air circulation are crucial to remove heat and maintain proper humidity.
  • Growing Medium: Choose between soil-based mixes or special blends specifically for cannabis.
  • Nutrients: Supplement the growing medium and provide essential elements to support growth and flower development.
  • Thermometer and Hygrometer: Used to monitor and control temperature and humidity for optimal growth.

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