Cannabis Clones 101: Grow Weed at Home

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You love all that cannabis has done for you—and now, you want to take the growing process into your own hands. In the state of Vermont, it’s now legal to grow your own cannabis at home. In fact, purchasing clones of your favorite strain can be a great way to learn more about cannabis and get the weed you love in your own backyard.

At Somewhere on the Mountain, we’re here to provide you with the clones you want, and we can’t wait to hear about your at-home growing experience. Here, we’ll explore more about choosing the right clones, Vermont cannabis cultivation laws, the difference between clones and seeds, and how you can properly care for your cannabis clones.


What are Cannabis Clones?

Cannabis clones are genetically identical copies of a parent plant. Rather than growing from a seed, cannabis clones are grown from a cutting of a mature cannabis plant. The portion of the parent plant is transplanted to new soil, where it will grow roots and develop into a new plant.

Clones ensure consistency in cannabis crops, as they are genetically identical to the parent plant. Exhibiting the same growth rate, potency, flavor, and scent as the parent plant makes cloning an ideal process for cultivators who are selling a popular strain—and for home growers who want their own supply of a strain they’ve grown to love.

When you work with clones instead of seeds, the growing process is expedited. By skipping over the seed germination stage, you’ll avoid many of the issues that cause difficulty when growing cannabis from scratch, maximizing each harvest cycle and increasing the likelihood of developing healthy, productive plants.

At-Home Cannabis Cultivation Laws in Vermont

While possession and cultivation of marijuana are both legal in Vermont, it’s important to be aware of the state’s cannabis laws to ensure that you avoid fines and penalties. 

You’re permitted to have two mature plants and up to four immature plants. Be careful, however—having three mature plants is considered a felony, punishable by up to three years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000.

Clones vs. Seeds

Deciding whether you want to grow cannabis from clones or from seeds is a personal choice. If you love the hands-on process of starting from scratch, you may enjoy the work and satisfaction that comes with growing cannabis from seeds. If you’d prefer to speed up the process, working with clones may be a better fit.

Let’s take a look at some of the differences between growing with clones and growing with seeds:

Caring for Cannabis Clones

If you’ve decided that clones are the right fit for your home cultivation, congrats! Somewhere on the Mountain is excited to help you get started.

Here’s a few things you need to know about caring for clones:

  • Consider your lighting and humidity: You’ll need to offer your plants a warm and humid environment (between 70 and 75°F and between 70 and 80% humidity) to encourage your cannabis clones to root.
  • Support healthy rooting: You’ll want to use a rooting medium like peat pellets or Rockwell cubes. Pre-soak the rooting medium (if you’re not sure about the rooting process, don’t hesitate to ask us—we’re here to help). Prior to planting your clones in the rooting medium, dip the cut ends of your clones in a rooting hormone powder or gel.
  • Watering: Mist the clones lightly and regularly to provide high humidity. Be sure not to overwater your plants, as doing so can lead to rot and other growth issues.
  • Transplanting: Timing is everything when it comes to safely and effectively transplanting your clones. After a week or two, you should have visible roots on your clone. Once you see roots, gradually begin to expose them to lower humidity levels. When a strong rooting system has been established, transplant to a larger pot with nutrient-rich soil. Be gentle and slow-moving through the transplant process, as you want to disturb your clones as little as possible.
  • Feeding: Provide your transplanted clones with a diluted nutrient solution once they show growth, and increase the strength of your nutrient solution as your plants continue to grow.

Looking for Cannabis Clones for Sale Near Me?

If you’re searching to buy cannabis clones online, we’re here to help! At Somewhere on the Mountain, we’re here to hook you up with the clones that will allow you to enjoy your favorite strains at home.

Find Cannabis Clones Near Me at Somewhere on the Mountain

Now that you know where to buy cannabis clones, we’re excited to welcome you to our dispensary and help you with all of your cannabis needs. We offer a wide variety of cannabis products, including concentrates, tinctures, topicals, pre-rolls, vape cartridges, flower, edibles, CBD products, and more. Feel free to take your time exploring our shop, or take a look at our online menu to learn more about the clones and products that we have to offer. We’ll see you when you get here!

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