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Hickory Hash and Bud

Hickory Hash & Bud is a grow house known for providing customers with potent, great-smelling cannabis. The company offers a variety of strains, and is known for its careful attention to detail during the growing process. The company regularly has their strains tested and shares the results with customers on their website, allowing you to rest assured that you know exactly what you’re getting.

Not sure which Hickory Hash & Bud strain is the right fit for you? We’ve got you covered. When you come into our shop, Somewhere on the Mountain, in Rutland, we’ll work with you to understand your cannabis needs and help you find the perfect products to create the experience you’re looking for.

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Hickory Hash and Bud

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Here, we’ll take a look at two of Hickory Hash & Bud’s most popular strains: Apple Strudel and Sour Strudel.

Apple Strudel offers lemon and pine aromas, and is the perfect way to relax at the end of a busy day. Customers report that this strain leaves them feeling relaxed, happy, and a bit sleepy. Apple Strudel is a hybrid strain with a THC concentration of 20%.

Looking for something to get you moving? Sour Strudel offers an energetic, calm, happy, and relaxed high, and has a THC concentration of 22%.

Hickory Hash & Bud FAQs

How are cannabis plants cared for at Hickory Hash & Bud?

Each plant in the Hickory Hash & Bud growing operation is hand trimmed and hand watered.

What type of soil is used by the growers at Hickory Hash & Bud?

The company uses no-till living soil beds, which utilize the living systems existing within the ecosystem of the soil to support each cannabis plant.

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